2018 $35 New Google Chromecast 1080P 60 FPS Smart TV Unboxing And Initial Impressions (Mini Review) - YouTube Anyone Going to Pick Up the LG G Pro 2? android


2018 $35 New Google Chromecast 1080P 60 FPS Smart TV Unboxing And Initial Impressions (Mini Review) - YouTube

Today I have for you a review of the Chromecast 1080P . The new evolution of the tech in the Chromecast 1080 model. We have 4kat 60fps and now we finally get 1080P at 60 fps, with Support from Google Home and turning on and off the of supported TVs. Small form factor and fast load times.Thank you for the support, and hope you enjoy the reviewBest Prices on Google Chromecast devices: Buy and Sell On Swappa : Dealzone:Daily Deals:art is by Barrett BiggersSupport the Channel by using my affiliate links : Amazon: best Brett : Photo: www.bensound.com"Thank you very muchLike and subscribeContact Info:on Youtube as well #chromecastultra #smarttv #pixel3 #ios #pixel3xl #madebygoogle

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