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Why is Nobody Talking About This Strange Phenomena On Earth? - YouTube

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Emily's Art

She was so excited to Draw with Jazz.................Jasmine

Kat Galactic

You said something similar in the Pokémon go theory



Sanjibashis Endow

I wish this story never ends❤️

Anna fluke

I am looking forward to seeing this! Iam so happy


This video is a joke right? Because if it isnt i feel offended.....

Kpop Spain

#20 trending in Spain <3


Yikes. People these days value nothing.

Biv Lab

I’m worried I have this. I have had chronic depression for a while that’s been hard to treat. I’ve had these events where I flip out. It’s not a total black out but it’s like being very very far inside a dark room watching what is happening through a cardboard tube. Usually they are brought on by stress. Right now I work part time, I have trouble keeping jobs because I space out super badly, or get mad and quit to take another job I found. I certainly feel like I don’t exist or might not, or that intrinsically I’m not worthy of basic respect or regard, There’s a lot of times where I’m in line to buy food, check out, or get a movie ticket and when it’s my turn the cashier acts like I’m not there and looks around me to call next. Then I have to but in and tell them I’m there. Then they give my order to someone else and I have to but in again! Happening once is just frustrating, but it will happen to me about once a month and it always spooks me. I take medication for bipolar. ...but No treatment seems to work well. I can’t teach school like this which is what I want to do because I’m afraid I might scare the kids. Idk what to do. I don’t want to ask because even the doctors are weird about it...

Devon Beauregard

Love ur vids


In my recommendation for the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Liam Morris

IDEA bliztball home run derby at a Astros stadium


like if you saw this on iFunny

Gatcha_ Slimez


Amouse26771 -

Garret sucks at kicking a soccer ball

sub2 plz

1:48 banana swirl made me lol so hard

Jack Johnson

Lol anyone else think this just looks a bit bland


Try metal detecting in normandy you will get bullets left in the war

Samurai Strike

You should make a whole ASMR video with only SpongeBob clips

Waller Boy29

I'm the Rage Monster or the ball huntermy friend is the Rage Monster. Dude perfect should do a Baseball stereotype video.


Well that is one ungrateful woman jeez..