CHOTU ZERO | छोटू शाहरूख Khandesh Hindi Comedy | Chotu Comedy Video - YouTube Best Bluetooth speakers 2017: In pictures | Alphr android


CHOTU ZERO | छोटू शाहरूख Khandesh Hindi Comedy | Chotu Comedy Video - YouTube

छोटू दादा की अब तक के सबसे बेस्ट Video स्पूफ देखियेएन्जॉय कीजिये और अपने सभी दोस्तों में शेयर कीजिये धन्यवाद्

tyler nathan toney?


The truth untold


I don’t know what Tati is wearing on her face but here’s a list of everything she mentioned:


rip old guy

Cosma Boehmer

I don’t fear death, I fear not living

Asha & Co

I can not even play cards

Clever Gamer

Who's watching in 2017


Oh my fucking shit! #1!? WT-f'ing-F!

Redford Hewlett

how do you brake your ankle when you drive a car full of diapers?

Piano Gamer

I once slept two days in a row. I even pissed the damn bed. That was my lowest point in life.

Its just me

Locals : ItS FaKe ThE goVerMenT dId It

Ella Dillon

It’s ok I’m adopted too and I’m Filipino We are in the same boat!


3:27 quack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Rule 1# Cardio!

Vocable Knight

Yessssss I was waiting For The Moment for this 😍 I wanna Cry Now 😭😭


This is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for anything better than this. Jimmy Kimmel, you’ve outdone yourself and the Marvel Fanbase. I have much respect for you. 💕💖

Wacdonald none

funny egg puns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight Animations

I would stay in the water and call my mom or my siblings


it's going to get faulted so quickly

Luis Roela

I from rio de Janeiro aqui é br



Caleb Ledoux

disc golf trick shot???


I love when Elizibeth opens a tear and CCR-Fortunate son is playing, and they're both like "I've never heard that song before!"




@drgnslt Wrong

Sarah Alayon

I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats on your new blessing! May god watch over him and you guys! Love your shit! 😂🥰

Xanthia Windsor

YouTube: My Step Mom is My Real Mom * not clickbait *

Sag B

did he arrowed her on ass

Jeinthy raman nathan

Dude perfect is the best youtuber in the world

Blitz Boys

pitsburg steelers