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Zzaber 09

good to know that barb is still alive

Where’s my billion trillion dollars i mean that is technically what he said

Manan Khan

please do more rocket battle

dede xo

wait ty got a ticket

lil skies: you know those goats?

mark zamora

Time wasting , 🤔 Idiot perfect😏

Mohamed Kamil

If you think this is confusing....welcome to adulthood sucker

Fat chungus Billhengan

NASA says no

Samuel Pačuta

Rock ribbons rock...

The Wolf Pack

Come on Ty you got this

Young Wolf

I’m just scared of not being able to live life to the fullest, not being able to spend every second every moment with my loved ones . Not being able to play with my dog, kiss her, take her on walks till her last moment . Going out with my mum talking for hours about our problems. Playing board games with my dad but straight after he starts complaining asking if I did my homework. Having sleepovers with my friends talking about meaningless things laughing for hours. Not being able to have a family with the person I love.

Miki haro

Hey that’s not a boy name Brent Rivera right?

No food up stairs 69

I love aaron rogers

malar mathi

great vid

Siobhan Morrison

She could have told her parents and made them call child services on Mia’s parents

Pauly Marco

Yo my birthday is the 24th of March to

P Nagaraja Rao

Please do cricket for us

Bernard Tanto

I like This. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Gerrit DeHaan

No, Tyler Shouldn't get shocked. You guys are the best!!!

Girl: 🤕🤕



Patrick Chidiac

I want to get it but its for 99c

Michelle Puangco

I didn’t know it was in Manila, Philippines

Nikolai Brishkov

They should get Elon Musk in this show. He is so fitting for Hot Ones.

Welcome aboard

Reggie Johnson

If ur watching this in 2015 give it a like


Lol the voice is taken from another video, but still nice lol :P

Daniel Medina

why did you guys make a Blitzball video ?


This is how many people like builder



Jessica Touchstone


That One Girl Who Has A YouTube

I was only born a month early, and I only weighed 3 ounces, I thought that was normal, well BOI WAS I WRONG