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A Stick Pivot Tournament - YouTube

This was a little project over the summer to keep me sane. A little too ambitious for me at the time because well, it's basically one of my first real animations I made. Anyways hope you guys enjoy it, and a special thanks to Alex with helping me with some stuff and moral support.Music By:with pivot

Dragalia Lost - Summon Showcase: The Accursed Archives - YouTube

Official English Twitter Account: Official website: ESRB Rating: TEEN with Fantasy Violence, Sexual Themes / Users Interact, In-game Purchases Rated PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo, Mild Swearing)ACB Rating: Mature (Sexual References, Online Interactivity)


Se inscreva em nossos canais secundários! 🎮🕹️ Canal Pac: Canal Mike: Canal Tayr Canal Febatista Novo Livro do TazerCraft – Uma Aventura Chume Labs -►O boneco do Pac e Mike já está à venda nas melhores lojas de brinquedos do Brasil ou pela internet nos links : Rihappy:Pbkids: ► Você pode também fazer uma viagem incrível e ver um pocket show nosso, encontrando a gente no Forma For Fun para mais informações é só acessar o link: ---------x----------⭐ Redes Sociais do Canal:🐦💙Twitter: Facebook: do Canal:📱 ►Android: ►iOS: Site TazerCraft:Comercial: tazercraft@gmail.comMúsicas Oferecidas pelo site: é de verdade, boi!#TazerCraft

Roger Daltrey - Baba O'Riley ( with sinead o connor ) - YouTube

A Celebration With Pete Townshend And Music Of The The Who !!Very Rare Video

What I learnt by making 30+ GAMES in UNITY ! - YouTube

#gamedev #indiegame #Unity3dIn this video I show you the 31 games I've made with Unity these past 2 and a half years, from top down shooters to platformers to weird art games !And I share with you the main things I've learnt by doing so !------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LEARN how to make your own GAMES : Create a 2D Action Game with Unity/C# COURSE : your FIRST game in Unity COURSE : ME via Patreon : me on Twitter : the BTP Discord Server : need to download these two games via Github)Midnight Fire : Shooter : can be played directly in your browser)Raining Apocalypse : Hell : Vicious Cycle : Horizontal Kingdom : Enemies Within : Better : Your Imagination to Life : the Skin : Yourself : Fire of Belief : Have No Choice : Puzzling Combination : Almost Killed Me : : Waffles Fate : In : : Key : Madness : : Link : Game Creation Recipe : Other Side : Madness : Player : Hearts : Planets :

Vivo Nex 45+ Best Features and Tips and Tricks - YouTube

Vivo Nex 45+ Best Features and Tips and TricksVivo Nex Best Buy Link: My wallpaper AppsWebsite: us on Facebook us on Google Plusus on Twitter Phones Under 7000: Phones Under 10000: Phones Under 12000: Phones Under 15000: Phones Under 20000: Phones Under 30000: Video Gear: Gadgets: Us by Shopping with these linksFlipkartcontent used Except Background music is copyright to Greedytech, Use or commercial display or editing of the content without proper authorization is not allowed.You can Contact me at 45+ #BestFeatures and #Tips and #Tricks

6 आविष्कार जो बदल देंगे आपके पूरे घर को। 6 INCREDIBLE Inventions that can change your home. - YouTube

WATCH OUR OTHER VIDEOS:दुनिया के सबसे बदनसीब लॉटरी के विजेता| के 5 बड़े खजाने जो गलती से लोगों को मिले!लोग जिन्होंने ढूंढा अपना नसीब. 5 people who found their fortune.की सबसे महंगी गलतियाँ |5 IDEAS जिन्होने बना दिया काम.के 5 सबसे महंगे घर।फर्नीचर आपने जिंदगी में कभी नहीं देखा होगा।credit:Alan walker force

Dirty chess tricks 1 (Matinovsky Gambit) - YouTube

# Important Note:- PGN is only available for Premium members# Support GJ_Chess:- Website:- FACEBOOK :- chess tricks to win fast, Owen's Defense, Chess tricks to win fast for black, Chess traps for black, Chess tricks to win fast for white, Chess traps for white, Chess openings for Black, Chess opening for white, Chess tricks, Chess traps, Chess Gambit

PUBG Mobile | Bhokaal rehna chayie. - YouTube

Hi, I am Potato.I am Noob------------------------------------------------------ ★Become a Member ★ Only Discord Voice and Chat.--Get a Member only Role along with Member only Text and Voice Channel.Member Only Private Streams.--Private streams for members only. Random games, Q&A.Get Early Access to Edited Highlights.--Members will get Early Access to my Edited Highlights of the Past Live Streams,------------------------------------------------------ ★Support the Stream ★ I do this as my full time job so donations are very much appreciated, but will never be asked for. If you do decide to donate, please remember that they are non-refundable.Support the stream: :- 9050916196(More than 10 INR will show on stream)----------------------------------------------------- ★ Social Links ★ Discord :- :-:- :- Crew :-:- :- ★ Friends ★Prash Gaming : :- :- Clasher:- Patakha :-First Edit :- Second Edit :- Third Edit:- ★Credits★Channel Overlay :-Song:- Last Summer by Ikson:Music promoted by Audio Library ★ Chat Commands★!dhoka - Gambling :)!potatos - For checking potato!specs - You Know This!discord - You Know This!paytm - You Know This!sponsor- You Know This!crew - For GTA Crew Link!gambling- Try this.------------------------------------------------------★My Potato PC★ -Ryzen 7 1700RTX 2060DDR4 3000MhzPRIME X370-PRO650W.2L.G.Display 1600x900 / 1440x900Noh-CosmicByte CB-GK-03 Mechanical KeyboardG502 HeroMP35MousepadC922X Webcam 800 Condenser MicrophoneCloud Alpha ProU-PHORIA Audio Interface#Funny #ComedyThanks for Reading :D

Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 - Playing Subway Surfers For 365 DAY - YouTube

class="metadata-updateable-description" #Android #Gameplay #Kids Help Me Reach 100.000 Subcribe :

Android Data Binding Tutorial : 5 Working With Include Layouts - YouTube

**************************************************************************************These Lessons are from my" The Complete Android Architecture Components Masterclass (+ Dagger & Retrofit)" Course on the entire course for just $9.99 (90% off) using this link: course has designed to take you from the beginner level to the expert level of android app development.This course covers a wide variety of topics, including:Room Data Persistence Data BindingView ModelLive DataDependency Injection With DaggerNetworking With RetrofitPagingWork ManagerNavigationLife Cyclesand much more!You will get lifetime access to over 100 lectures plus corresponding code samples andshort notes for the lectures! is the Java implementation of Reactive Extensions. Everyone agrees that, It has become the single most important skill for professional level Android development over the years. We use RxJava with MVP, we user RxJava with MVVM, We use RxJava with Dagger, Retrofit  and Room. RxJava is everywhere." The Complete RxJava 2 Bootcamp With Retrofit, Room &MVVM " Course on the entire course for just $9.99 (90% off) using this link: course has designed to take you from the beginner level to the expert level of android app development. · Fundamentals of ReactiveX,RxJava, RxAndroid and Multi-threading. · Main operators of RxJava .· RxBinding · Backpreassure· RxJava Subjects.· Retrofit short tutorial· RxJava with Retrofit · Room data persistence short tutorial· RxJava with Room· RxJava with View Model and Live Data(MVVM)· Case study project examples · Downloadable code samples· Short Notes· Interview Questions· Multiple Choice Questionslinks to download code samples of this tutorial.Starter Project : Project :

Why Queen Elizabeth II Is a Total Boss - YouTube

ET is taking a look at the Queen's fashion, sense of humor and what she's like as a grandma to Prince William and Prince Harry.Exclusives from #ETonline :

huawei is now back on googles android q beta program after its ban - YouTube

It looks like Huawei is going to end this week on a good note. It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Chinese tech giant but things are looking relatively positive for them. Since the USA trade ban got effective things have been going downhill for them. Their trade allies went cold on them suspending any future partnerships with them.Google was the first to drop the ball for Huawei by suspending business with them in regard to ‘transfer of hardware and software products except those covered by open licenses’. Huawei lost access to updates to Android via Google but could still have access through the open license but no technical and collaborative support for the OS and Google services. This led to confusion among Huawei consumers who already had purchased their devices.Huawei then cleared the air saying current Android devices will continue to get support although the future of its smartphone business was still unknown. Huawei even added that they are not going to abandon their devices because they will continue to receive security updates and after-sale support.The US government later eased the ban giving the company a temporary reprieve – a time period to buy time for Huawei to figure out alternative sources for its US-made components. and its enable them to pass along security patches and software updates to their clients and keep existing networks operating such as telecom providers in rural areas of the United States,Europe and other countries in the meantime. This reprieve also temporarily brought back their Android license too.Things continued to escalate as Huawei’s flagship, the Mate 20 Pro got delisted from the Android Q Beta program. Huawei Mate 20 Pro was the only phone from the company granted the chance to try out Google’s new operating system.Huawei git cut from other partners such as ARM who license their designs for Huawei’s in-house chips, although the chip supplier was not worried as they believed that they could continue doing business with Huawei.Reportedly Huawei was already working on its own Android replacement and app store.Huawei Mate 20 Pro back on Android Q Beta program.According to the list of Android Q Beta testers, Huawei made a surprise reentrance. According to AndroidPollice, Huawei has currently limited testing to Google Play app developers from central and eastern Europe who have at least one app on the store with build updates are scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday until 30th June.Huawei devices are still missing from other Android programs such as their list of devices and Enterprise.Huawei ReinstatedHuawei has also been allowed to use MicroSD cards in their smartphones after being ejected from the SD association which could have something to do with the earlier 90-day reprieve granted to them. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi associations have also reinstated the company too after snubbing them.LawsuitHuawei is also pursuing a lawsuit against the U.S. that faults the ban, terming it ‘unconstitutional’ and a bullying tactic. Huawei says that it wants the Trump administration to cease mounting illegal actions against it and that the antics are malicious as they target to put the 30-year old tech company out of business.

As Amazon Air Expands, FedEx And UPS May Suffer - YouTube

Amazon aims to compete with FedEx and UPS in the logistics and shipping industry. That's what analysts told CNBC after Amazon Air recently expanded to 50 planes and announced it will open a $1.5 billion air hub in Northern Kentucky in 2021. Amazon is handling up to 26% of its own shipping, meaning FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service are losing a portion of Amazon's business. FedEx says it's not worried, but Morgan Stanley reports the major shippers have already lost 2% revenue to Amazon Air.» Subscribe to CNBC: CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more.Connect with CNBC News OnlineGet the latest news: CNBC on LinkedIn: CNBC News on Facebook: CNBC News on Twitter: CNBC News on Google+: CNBC News on Instagram: As Amazon Air Expands, FedEx And UPS May Suffer

Garbage collection in Java, with Animation and discussion of G1 GC - YouTube

Garbage collection has been an elusive topic, but it is important to understand its basics and switches. in this video I have tried to give you a technical overview of gc with animation, and also discussion about G1 gc, which is the latest in Java 8.Defaults :Java 7 - Parallel GCJava 8 - Parallel GCJava 9 - G1 GC

Ghostek Rapture Headphones: Best Under $150? - YouTube

I've been using these for a while and I promise you, these will not disappoint. I really do love these and would never steer you guys wrong! Grab 'em here - Me on Twitter▶ Me on G+▶ Me on Instagram▶ Me on SnapChat ▶ Gear List▶ ▶ tracks by EpidemicSound - tracks by the awesome DJ Grumble -

Are you ready for a #HigherIntelligence? - YouTube

Make life extraordinary. Join us on 16.10.18 to meet a #HigherIntelligence. #HUAWEIMate20Find out more:

दिवार पे लगे यूएसबी के बारे में आश्चर्यजनक तथ्य| | USB (Universal Serial Bus) in the Wall Explained - YouTube

Pendrives are a convenient way to store your data. Data can be easily transferred from computers and laptops to pendrives and even from pendrives to smartphones (through OTG cables). But there are many precautions that you need to take if you want to protect your data.You should never insert an unknown pendrive to your laptop or PC. This video also shows you various ways to protect yourself in this digital world.References:

INCREDIBLE Smartphone Gadgets on Amazon! - YouTube

Top 6 Best Amazon Gadgets / accessories for your Android / iOS Smartphone!Meem cable:US: 26 in 1 Wallet:US: Wireless 5 Stand (Correction, supports 5W standard wireless charging):Anker Wireless Chargers Campaign: Premium Stand:US: Momentum In-Ear Wireless:US: Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : would make my day if you could also follow me on:🌈 Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Filming Gear:

Madara Uchiha AMV Master of World - YouTube

Madara Uchiha AMV Master of World. One of the strongest shinobi Madara Uchiha.Obito Uchiha AMV AMV 7 AMV AMV Hatake AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMVAMV Uchiha AMV AMV (Finished) AMV Uchiha AMV AMV The Last AMV Road To Ninja AMV Tensei Akatsuki AMV vs Kyuubi AMV Hatake AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV AMV and Kakuzu AMV AMV

Descargar e Instalar Drastic Pro r2.5.0.3a (Emulador DS para Android) Full Apk - YouTube

Descargar e Instalar Drastic Pro r2.5.0.3a (Emulador DS para Android) Full Apk | 2016 | EspañolCLICK PARA DESCARGAR EMUALDOR: OLVIDEN SUSCRIBIRSE AL CANALHey hola que tal amigos de android Studio a pedidio de un suscriptor el dia de hoy les traigo el emulador Drastic de forma Full para que puedan descargarlo y disfrutar de todos los titulos de Nintendo Ds en su terminal con androidRecuerden No olviden dar like a este video, Compartirlo con sus amigos para mucho mas contenido Y suscribirse al canal Los links de descargaEmulador DrastiCLucky PatcherOmitan estas Tag Son para ayudar a mas gente :DTags (Ignoralos):drastic para android gratis,drastic para android 2.3.6,drastic para android 5.0,descargar drastic para android full,como descargar drastic para android gratis,descargar drastic para android,emulador drastic para android,descargar drastic para android full 2015,descargar emulador drastic para android,descargar drastic para android full gratis,drastic para android,como configurar drastic para android,

el hoyo que no se abre - YouTube

Continuamos con The Forest, mas cuevas y mas fails en este resumen de los episodios. Espero les guste! :D▶Suscribete: ▶Directos en Nono: en Twitch: Principal: en Instagram: en Twitter: en Facebook: el codigo dedreviil en la tienda de Fortnite :D▶Mis perifericos gamer: esto grabo y hago directos:

10 Steps to Becoming a Professional Photographer & Which Camera To Buy - YouTube

Here are my 10 steps to becoming a professional photographer and which camera and lenses to buy if you're beginning!INSTAGRAM: jessicakobeissiWEBSITE:

Savage !!! [Rank 1 Moskov] | Moskov Gameplay and Build By 「Saints」Warpαth #1 Mobile Legends - YouTube

Savage !!! [Rank 1 Moskov] | Moskov Gameplay and Build By 「Saints」Warpαth #1 Mobile Legends.#Moskov #Saints #Warpαth #Savage #Toprank #Topranked #Rank1Player : 「Saints」WarpαthTeam : 「Saints」indoBattle Spells: RetributionBuild : Scarlet Phantom, Swift Boots, Haas's Claw, Berserker's Fury, Blade of the 7 Seas, Blade of Despair.Highest Rank : Glorious LegendMore Videos: The New King !! [Rank 1 Bruno] |Bruno Gameplay and Build By 『IDIOT』Cungsky #1 Mobile Legends.Is The Rework ?? [Rank 1 Bane] | Bane Gameplay and Build By Gusimba #1 Mobile Legends.My Wrath !!! [Rank 1 Gord] | Gord Gameplay and Build By I am vegeta #1 Mobile Legends.Hunter [Rank 2 Roger] | Roger Gameplay and Build By SHADOWBLADE #1 Mobile Legends.!!! [Rank 1 Fanny] | Fanny Gameplay and Build By ᴢxυαи εϊɜ #8 Mobile Legends.Butcher [Rank 1 Franco] | Franco Gameplay and Build By nσмєяcу.J¤$h #1 Mobile Legends.Perfect [Rank 1 Saber] | Saber Gameplay and Build By RS CoCo #1 Mobile Legends.Boy [Rank 1 Chou] | Chou Gameplay and Build By 「Saints」Sყɳσ #1 Mobile Legends.Tank Build [Rank 2 Alice] | Alice Gameplay and Build By ᵈʸᵈʸ欣 #1 Mobile Legends.:Intro and outro:Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] with NCS:Snapchat: ncsmusic• Brehm• your friends in a brand new 5v5 MOBA showdown against real human opponents, Mobile Legends! Choose your favorite heroes and build the perfect team with your comrades-in-arms! 10-second matchmaking, 10-minute battles. Laning, jungling, tower rushing, team battles, all the fun of PC MOBAs and action games in the palm of your hand! Feed your eSports spirit!Mobile Legends, 2017’s brand new mobile eSports masterpiece. Shatter your opponents with the touch of your finger and claim the crown of strongest Challenger!


Music bugged so i had to get the audio from replay.Which was the best kill? Enjoy!! Don’t forget i’m having a huge GIVE AWAY when i reach 15k subscribers! Thanks for the support and check my fb page for more updates.

New Inventions That Will Take Your Bike To Another Level - YouTube

● INSTAGRAM ;)INVENTOS?Toda la serie AQUI▶ S1 - - Lock - Cycle - Grit Suspension - Rearview Bicycle Mirror Kit Sl-15 - Life Mobility Scooter - Suspension Seatpost - Cavalerie - Wheel -


Tu as des quantités de vêtements mais tu ne les portes pas car ils ont tous un problème embarrassant ? Parfois, il suffit d’un petit rien pour arranger nos vieux vêtements au lieu d’en acheter de nouveaux, et ce n’est pas si compliqué ! Voici des tutoriels innovants, créatifs et utiles qui te montreront comment transformer tes vieux vêtements en articles super stylés !N’oublie pas de cliquer sur le pouce vers le haut si tu veux voir nos nouvelles vidéos ! Clique sur la cloche des notifications pour être averti de nos nouveautés.#123GO! #DIY #clothesMusique par : Epidemic Sound:

Un SOLDADOR y un Sony Xperia... Reparando en PLACA BASE! - YouTube

➤➤ Suscríbete para ser un Pro! - un soldador hemos reparado el conector usb de un Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, en los laboratorios de Alertaphone. Descubre todo el proceso de reparación.➤➤Descubre Alertaphone - 25 Mejores Aplicaciones 2017 - 6 Mejores Juegos adictivos Android - Android es el canal en español para tener tu celular Android al mejor nivel, con las mejores aplicaciones y juegos gratis. Todos los vídeos son compatibles con dispositivos Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Moto G y Moto E, Huawei, LG y todos los móviles Android!---ÚNETE A LA COMUNIDAD PRO ANDROID!● Únete en Instagram! - Únete a la Comunidad en Twitter! - Únete en Facebook! - Todas las noticias Android en

Relay Review: An LTE Walkie-Talkie For Kids (Of All Ages) - YouTube

In a world of smartphones that do everything, it’s refreshing to try a gadget that does ... one thing. Relay is an LTE Walkie-Talkie from Republic Wireless designed to keep your kids in contact with you (and each other) without forcing them into the same crippling smartphone addiction that's slowly sucking the life from all of us grown-ups. But every major wireless carrier has had significant challenges making push-to-talk over data networks function properly – so how much reliability do you sacrifice with Relay versus a traditional cellphone? Find out in MrMobile's Relay review, then be sure to check out Modern Dad's and Android Central's Relay reviews in the links below![SPONSOR]Brought to you by Thrifter. Get the latest on great deals, including up-to-the-minute buying advice on Amazon Prime Day, at TO MRMOBILE]MRMOBILE'S RELAY WALKIE-TALKIE REVIEW]MrMobile's Relay Walkie-Talkie Review was produced following one week with a pair of Relay review units provided by Republic Wireless. The devices were running pre-release software and were tested on Republic Wireless (via the Sprint network) in Greater Boston, MA.Pursuant to my input concerning service reliability, Republic provided the following feedback about Relay:"Our latest software build is 1.2 (112) which has some improvements to the resiliency of LTE on CDMA [...] We've had a small % of customers needing a SIM swap but it has helped almost all of them.The swap is simple [from] a customer perspective, just remove existing SIM and insert new SIM and reboot.We have some algorithms that help us evaluate coverage both based on the vector data we get from the carriers and on real customer experience (eg. if a customer in the same area has requested a swap previously).These data drive future considerations for the coverage we give customers."[PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO]:Relay Walkie-Talkie by Republic Wireless [RelayGo]:Walkie-Talkie Hands-On [Android Central]:Relay, the Anti-Smartphone for Kids [PCMag]:Beach” by Mattijs Miller, available at Premium Beat:Persistence” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details:

The Story of Sumail - YouTube

He’s as confident as he is controversial, indispensable as he is infuriating, tremendous as he is temperamental.Regardless of what you may think of Sumail, his talent is outright indisputable. He's the youngest millionaire in the history of esports and arguably the single greatest Dota player of all time. This is his story. Edited by: Brian Van Huynh (@beevanhuynh)Written by: Dimitri Pascaluta (@DPascaluta)Narrated by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)Graphics and Animations by: Diego Bernal (@diegomographics)Courtesy list: out theScore esports on Android and iOS:Android: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: us on Instagram: us on Snapchat: theScoreesports


Los mejores momentos divertidos y graciosos de PUBG MOBILE. Reaccionando a explosiones, bugs , momentos epicos, wtf y tambien hackers!SORTEO 5 PASES DE BATALLA:

Ryze / DJI Tello - Comprehensive Review - YouTube

Comprehensive review of the Ryze Tello (DJI Tello).Support this channel by buying your Tello through one of my affiliate links:DJI Store:our videos:Patreon: Directly:

NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER - Fortnite Battle Royale - YouTube

NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER - Fortnite Battle RoyaleThanks for watching! Don't Forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!!Join the Notification Squad by clicking the 🔔 BellOn my channel you'll find:Fortnite Best Moments, Fortnite WTF Moments, Fortnite Rage, Fortnite Update, Fortnite Gameplays, and Fortnite Reacts, Fortnite Funny Moments📩 Submit Fortnite Moments - Get Featured!Credits:Noob:MusicMacleod - Lobby TimeKevin Macleod - Monkeys Spinning MonkeysKevin Macleod - InvestigationsKevin Macleod - Happy Happy Game ShowElektronomia - Summersong 2018Kevin Macleod - Lightless Dawn► *IMPORTANT*If you want me to remove any MUSIC, CLIPS, or there is something in the video you don't like, please send me an email at

Telephonic Interview for Java Developer - 2 - YouTube

Sharing experience of my telephonic interview. I have removed some part which has personal, client and company related information.

O2 Unboxing: OnePlus 3 - YouTube

Watch our O2 Guru Raymond unbox the new OnePlus 3. The OnePlus 3 positions itself as a premium handset and the design backs this up, with its light, ultra-thin and solid design. It comes with a 5.5 inch screen, a screen protector already applied and a huge 16 mega pixel camera.One big feature with the phone is what OnePlus are calling Dash Charge, it allows you to charge the battery to 60% which will give you one days use in just 30 minutes. OnePlus are something of an exclusive brand, having previously required an invite to be able to buy one of their devices. But now you physically can get your hands on the OnePlus 3 exclusively with O2. Just visit in store or go online for more information.The O2 Gurus are your impartial technology experts, here to answer your tech questions. To book an appointment with an O2 Guru or arrange a call over the phone visit our website here: and find out about everything the O2 Gurus can do for you.Follow us for more of the latest tech news and reviews:Subscribe to O2 Guru TV - O2 on Facebook - O2 on Twitter -

Preventing the IoT Dystopia with Copyleft - YouTube

Bradley M. KuhnIoT (The Internet of Things) devices remain under the control of the companies that manufacture them, yielding a plethora of security, privacy and software freedom concerns. Ironically, most such devices include Linux as their base operating system, and Linux's license, GPLv2, mandates the users' rights to modify and upgrade the software. Sadly, due to widespread violations of the GPL, such rights are rarely granted with most IoT devices on the market. This talk explains the political, social, and legal backstory that led to this abysmal situation, and proposes what we must do next to ameliorate the problem.IoT (The Internet of Things) is a marketing push by device manufacturers seeking to convince the general public to fill their home with interconnected computers embedded inside commonplace contraptions and tools. Proponents ballyhoo the IoT revolution as bringing the ultimate in convenience and informational interconnectivity for everyone.However, these embedded devices typically remain under the complete control of the manufacturer — not only for their basic functionality — but for safety and security updates as well. In many cases, these devices require Herculean efforts by the home user to modify and upgrade.Most ironically, however, nearly all these devices run Linux, which is released under a modification-respecting license, the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2). The GPLv2 uses copyright controls to mandate the users' ability to modify and upgrade the software. Yet, due to widespread GPL violations throughout the industry, rarely do IoT devices come with the freedoms and rights that GPL tries to uphold.This talk will explain the political, social, and legal ramifications of this abysmal situation. Attendees can expect a full explanation of the history of GPL enforcement, how it has historically defended the rights of hobbyist modifications to home devices, and what processes exist now to continue that fight. In particular, the talk will explain why community-oriented and led GPL compliance efforts are absolutely essential in preventing one of our greatest community-organized technological successes — namely, the development of Linux — from becoming part of a dystopia of corporate control in is a conference about the Linux operating system, and all aspects of the thriving ecosystem of Free and Open Source Software that has grown up around it. Run since 1999, in a different Australian or New Zealand city each year, by a team of local volunteers, LCA invites more than 500 people to learn from the people who shape the future of Open Source. For more information on the conference see #linux #foss #opensource


PUBG MOBILE 17+ (Tencent Mobile International Limited)OFFICIAL PUBG ON MOBILELEON S.KENNEDY VISITS RACCOON POLICE LOCATION IN PUBG MOBILEkilling tyrant and william birkin with a knifeYOUTUBE : : Twitter : Link Below: Appstore:BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile - the original Battle Royale game is now available on your device!1. Official PUBG on Mobile100 players parachute onto a remote 8x8 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Players have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every player in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that forces players into a shrinking play zone. Get ready to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing!2. High-quality Graphics and HD AudioThe powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. Feel like you’re in the thick of the action as you play with high-quality audio, immersive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound.3. Realistic WeaponsA constantly growing lethal arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories gives you the option to shoot, beat down, or incinerate your adversaries. Oh, and you like the pan? We’ve got the pan.4. Travel in StyleCommandeer a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats to hunt down your enemies, race them to the play zone or make a swift escape.5. Team Up with FriendsSurvive the battle with your friends. Invite and team up with your friends, coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up the perfect ambush.6. Fair Gaming EnvironmentPowerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fun and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE players.Not Just A Game. This Is Battle Royale.Requires a persistent internet connection.Recommended specs for PUBG MOBILE: iPhone 6s or later and iOS 9 or above.Supports most iOS devices, including but not limited to: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6s.

TOP 5 Apps que você Deve Testar AGORA ! (vale a pena ) - YouTube

TOP 5 Apps para android que você vai gostar de conhecer ! :D Conheça ótimos aplicativos para celular android ,capazes de facilitar a sua vida e até mesmo turbinar o seu android . Desde apps para a sua produtividade até aplicativos para te ajudar a economizar uns trocas :)Lógico que também vai encontrar aplicativos divertidos de se usar ,então aproveita ai e baixa todos para testar ,um desses apps android vai ser útil para você !════════════════-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-🎮 Nossos Apps : Meu Smartphone : DOWNLOADs :▶ Unseen - AppSales - Square Home 3 - Cut Cut - TouchBar - TOP 10 APLICATIVOS ÚTEIS para ANDROID :TOP 10 APPs INDISPENSÁVEIS para Android : Top 7 INCRÍVEIS Aplicativos Android :TOP Melhores APLICATIVOS de NOVEMBRO :TOP 7 Aplicativos INCRÍVEIS para Android : RivollPlay Tech! ( canal de review e unboxing ) : com Desconto Hoje :👉 Grupo no WhatsApp : (receba sempre as melhores dicas e CUPONS de desconto)Número : +55 19 99566-4611 💬Grupo :#aplicativos #android©RivollPlay

How to cook poached eggs the easy way - YouTube

A couple of friends in work were interested in my easier poached egg method, so I was asked to put a video together. So Eoghan, Colm and anyone else watching here you are: How to cook poached eggs the easy way. Thanks to my lovely wife Jess for her great camera work, and holding back the laughter :)

Firebase Remote Config Loading Strategies - Firecasts - YouTube

Read more about Remote Config in the official documentation: the best way to fetch and apply Firebase Remote Config values in your app? And what's the deal with all of this caching, anyway? Find out the answers to these and many more questions in this episode of Firecasts!Add the Firecasts playlist! to the brand new Firebase Channel: