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Why Queen Elizabeth II Is a Total Boss - YouTube

ET is taking a look at the Queen's fashion, sense of humor and what she's like as a grandma to Prince William and Prince Harry.Exclusives from #ETonline :

Dare ka to kuraberarete mo

david thomas


Dionis Morari

wait so this is the true story of instagram

James Dang

Music started getting annoying af around 2 min in


Simply not buyin this

Phillip Law

I don't go to the gym I'm a kid

Emryson 'Lunar' Hatashi

The Witcher 3 easter egg is so cool :P

Hi There

I wonder what happened to James

Adam Napier

They should a sport where I’m from AFL

Midnight wølves Edits

This remains me of my aunt.She so sad.and even she broke up with my uncle

Glenn Owen

Nice pun lol !


3.000.000 guys lets make it to 5M can we do that?


“They tried to warn us like, we gon’ see them heaven gates or jail”

abdullah jan

The landmark for me is the grand canyon or of the toyota :-) :-)

Mohammed Has

That right I sign my death note was hope

Linda Hoviniemi

WE WANT MORE OVERTIME!!!! Please do it more often

Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir

Idk why but watching this reminds me of Betty Cooper...? Wth

Evanne Mast

I knew it was checkers

Angela Linthacum

Do cooking stereotypes


Michael Jordán

Rebel Savage

This was amazing. Best video by far

free fire pande

Please don't subscribe to dude perfect let wwe win bro

Sam the Swimmer

Dude perfect converts

Megan Patricia Marie Pammit

Put a ball in my hand now

Merritt Gibson

They looked liked little kids riding those scooter things

JavaScript Evangelist

So instead of building solar systems they are building walls

Danielle Peart

Ok drake is talking bout Megan thee stallion

Still Monday

Like nothing in the first half of the vid was that difficult, didn’t finish the other half so idk.

Dylan Olson

I don't see why people always give nickelback hell they are amazing in concert and their music is pretty good.


Give the guy a break. He probably has a daughter who is dating the wrong kind of black guy and seeing that woman there spooked him.

Vinita Lingayat

Tyler is the winner


Sucks that this game is coming out in april.

Xd MrTacoCraft


Sajid Ali

I love dude perfect and Garrett


The green power armor is reference to Doom, not Halo.

Azzam Shahid

Who's watching this in 2016?

Nathan Carterman

19:22 every time i trip

Dyago Saavedra

That is scary that close but still cool


There are more of the ecid boxes in the multiplayer map flood zoon

República Federativa do Brasil

As armas são verdadeiras?Meu Deus.. que...FODA!!!

Jessica Slater

i’m living for brain freeze like never knew i would be so in love with a blue shadow before now

Joshuthebeast 21

5:03 you can here the smallest of oofs for Tyler

Gulmira Akhmetova

Х фактор украина

Michaela and Cruz!

Canni borrow polly?

David Mfula

Hey guys, quick one. DP squad might not be the best... never mind.


My dad had the same thing the kid in the video suffered from. Yes, my dad died from it. He even died like a day before my birthday. I’m fine now, me and my dad never had a very strong relationship. It just feels strange how I’m now one of those kids who had a parent that died.


Can we get an F?

Zera The illusion

Every Bts Fan's dream.

Cooking with Jimmy

Ah guru I think u should do another one because there's another Easter egg in frozen it shows slit of the Disney charters during the song for the first time I think u should check it out

I'ma stretch her back like a limousine


Saved? SAVED?